is an ads library for Facebook, Instagram and MyTarget with powerful search and analytics.

Macaw has over 100 million creatives from all over the world, and their number is growing by 1-2 million per day.

You'll need to sign up to use Macaw.

The service has two main tools, Creatives and Applications.
Creatives tool can be used to find and analyse ads.

Applications tool is designed for detailed analysis of market leaders and competitors of mobile apps market.

Let's start with Creatives.
On this page, you can search creatives by text, app, or a number of other parameters.
For example, you can view all ads with online courses word combination, or all ads for the Spotify iOS app.

Any video or image can be downloaded in one click. It is also possible to download an archive with all the ad content - quite handy for carousels.

Macaw is jam-packed with useful filters, for example, by links, by format, by business page, by language and country, and that's not all of them.

You can find the best media content with the Most copied ads search. It merges creatives with the same content and sorts them by the number of duplicates. You'll need full access to use it.

You can also view analytics for any query - distribution of ads by formats, languages, CTA types and placement platforms. For queries related to mobile apps, a distribution by countries is also available.

The Applications page helps to assess the situation in the mobile application market and analyze the advertising strategies of competitors.

For example, you can find out the leaders by the number of active ads for certain period, or check how many new ads have been launched for a particular application.

This page can also provide detailed analytics for a specific application. You can check application's advertising intensity in different countries and on different platforms.

Let's take the Spotify iOS app data as example.

You can also see the app advertising dynamics.

And distribution by formats, languages and call to action types.

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