What is Macaw?

macaw.pro is an ads library for Facebook, Instagram and MyTarget with powerful search and analytics.

Macaw has over 100 million creatives from all over the world, and their number is growing by 1-2 million per day.

Where can I find the pricing?

You can find the prices here.

Can I test Macaw before buying the full access?

You can get familiar with Macaw with a demo mode. It is free and has no time limit.

Demo mode has some limitations:

  • No more than 20 ads for any request;

  • Some media content is not available;

  • Most ads cannot be shared;

  • Ad archive download is not available.

If you are willing to try Macaw with full access you can schedule a demo.

You can also contact us by support@macaw.pro or in the support chat.

Is there any ways of payment not listed in the payment options?

Yes, there are other options available. Please contact us by support@macaw.pro or in the support chart in case of interest.

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